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Artist’s Statement

For me, the museum acts as the institutionalised collection; objects are ordered to the curator’s particular criteria forming arrays, patterns and logical systems. I become interested when there is a sense of another, more eccentric order, at work.

My practice engages with the artefact, it’s place within a collection and the context created by the assembly of these groups of objects. Through the creation, arrangement and manipulation of these artefacts I hope to create the sense of a jumbled folk museum or a personal curio collection and in this way begin to develop my own narrative of an new, imagined culture.

By drawing influence from a wide range of cultural sources, ranging from folk and outsider art to character design, illustration and couture fashion, each artefact becomes something that shrugs off it’s initial reading and demands a second take. This is achieved take through the use of anachronistic and disparate visual cues or from the context that is generated by it’s placement within the assemblage as a whole.

My practice is diverse using textile, photography, ceramics and ready-mades. Being inclusive of both two and three-dimensional techniques my approach encompasses printmaking as both an outcome in it’s own right and as a developmental tool for sculptural pieces.

Art Education

2010 – 2011 Camberwell College of Art – MA Visual Arts: Printmaking
2000 – 2003 Kingston University – BA Hons. Degree in Fine Art 
1999 – 2000 Ravensbourne College of Design & Communication – Foundation in Art & Design



May - June 2017: THAT HALF @ Half Moon, London

Feb 2017: THAT II @ Four Corners Gallery, London

Nov 2016: Private Empire: New Territory @ Brentwood Road Gallery, Romford, Essex

Feb 2016: Tower Hamlet Artist Teachers Network show @ Four Corners Gallery, London

Nov 2015: Christ’s Hospital Artist In Residence Retrospective @ Christ’s Hospital, West Sussex

April 2014: The Other Art Fair @ Ambika P3, London

March 2014: Pushing Print @ Sussex Art & Print Studio, Sussex

Sept/Oct 2013: Harry Pye, Deptford X, Norfolk House, London

Nov 2013: I Remember, A-side B-side Gallery, Hackney Fields, London

April 2012: New Work @ St. Martin in Fields Crypt Gallery, London

February 2012: One Hundred with Changing Spaces @ Regent Street, Cambridge

February 2012: Pilgrimmage Event, Miracles and Charms @ Wellcome Collection, London - Special Late Night Event

Nov 2011: Grayson Perry Late Event with University Arts London @ The British Museum

Oct 2011: Islington Art Fair @ Candid Gallery, London

July/August 2011: Print Design Now 2011 with Bearspace @ SW1 Gallery, London

June 2011: PROTEST @ Corridor Galleries, London

March 2011: 12/12 @ House Gallery, London

Feb - July 2011: The Sketchbook Project, Brooklyn, U.S.A.

Nov 2010: Hong Kong Graphic Arts Fiesta, Hong Kong

Aug 2010: Menier Chocolate Factory, London

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