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Initially for the Grayson Perry Late Event at the British Museum on 11th November 2011 ‘Tinker’s Trinkets’ was developed as range of wearable charms and an accompanying character that would prescribe these tokens. The Trinket Tinker was a fully costumed shamanistic Barrowman who interacted with gallery patrons; giving them their own magical charm, part performance part interactive wearable sculpture.  
Each trinket consists of a hand printed ribbon and a resin cast (and hand finished) trinket aiming to bring it's wearer a particular brand of luck - The Anchor for stability, the Heart for love, the Owl for wisdom, the Fish for prosperity and the Eye for protection. Others available were the Key for opportunity, the Dagger for power, the Snake for healing, the Tooth for longevity and the Horseshoe for good luck.

After the success of the Tinker's Trinkets at The British Museum the Trinket Tinker made a series of 'Pilgrim Badges' for the Wellcome Collection's Pilgrimage Event on 16th February 2012. These were three new pilgrim themed trinkets for this specific event – the Scallop shell, the Drinking gourd and the Walking boot.

Tinker’s Trinkets

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